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Refreshed Look


ParkJockey is a mobile app based in Miami, Florida that gives drivers the peace of mind by allowing them to book parking in advance or on-the-go with only one touch. The brand was looking to redesign their existing app and refine their branding. Bold colors based on a modern interpretation of Miami's Art Deco style, clean and mobile-friendly typography and a complete interface overhaul was the result in this sweet and simple redesign.



Thoughtful Form


The Exchange Center is a Christian church based in Queens, NY. The logo is a simple execution of different symbolisms coming together. It is both literal and abstract at the same time, as well as instantly recognizable in any size. We call this particular result of ideation, “thoughtful form” because of the feeling of empathy this logo gives as a visual statement.



Simply Organization


Fidler is a personal project fueled by the desire to stay organized. As creatives we have a hard time getting ourselves together. Fidler looks to make things easier for ourselves and for those we work with on a daily basis.



Not Just a Logo


Nowadays people are confusing the word "logo" with "branding." It's understandable, I can definitely see how it can happen, but it's important we keep things clear. Logos are a part of the overall branding, but not the brand overall. Branding also entails the voice, personality, visual aesthetic and implementation of all the above. Below are examples of logos made for brands :)